High Concept: Summer Knight
Touble: Uncontrollable Power
Aspects: Naturally Gifted, Graceful, Incendiary.


Mythic Strength [-6]
Mythic Toughness [-6]; The Catch is Unsealie Magic [+1]
Marked by Power (Summer Queen) [-1]
Sealie Magic [-4]
Mental Fortitude [-1]
Glamours [-2]
Refinement [-1]x2


[+ 7] Conviction
[+ 6] Dicipline, Fists
[+ 5] Might, Presence
[+ 4] Alertness, Lore
[+ 3] Endurance, Rapport
[+ 2] Intimidation, Deceit
[+ 1] Investigation, Contacts

Magic Bonuses:
Sealie Off. Power + 9/ Sealie Off. Control + 8

Focus Items/Enchanted Items
Bracer of Summer
+ 1 Sealie Off. Power, +1 Sealie Off. Control

Golden Necklace
A dazzling necklace made from the finest gold. Spell Provided: Instantly breaks the barrier between the Dresdenverse and the Nevernever and transports the target to the Court of Winter.

Rote Spell:
Sunbright Flare
Type: Sealie Evocation Attack
Power: 8 Shifts (6 for power, 2 for Effect)
Duration: 1 Action
Opposed By: Target’s Athletics, Blocks, or other form of defense
Effect: The target has the Sticky aspect: burnt placed on them.

Physical: oooo(oooooo) Armour 4
Mental: oooo(oo) + 2 mild
Social: oooo +1 mild

Armour of the Summer Knight (+1 Armour)



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