Syd Varnigan


High Concept: Wealthy Wizard
Trouble: Cocky
Other: Rich Boy, Child Prodigy, Photographic Memory, Composed

Supernatural Powers:

[-3] Evocation
[-3] Thaumaturgy
[-1] The Sight
[-0] Soulgaze; discounted due to the Sight
[-0] Wizard’s Constitution
[-1×5] Refinement
[-1] Mental Toughness

Final Refresh: 1


[+ 6] Conviction
[+ 5] Discipline, Athletics
[+ 4] Resources, Lore
[+ 3] Endurance, Alertness
[+ 2] Scholarship, Contacts
[+ 1] Drive, Presence


Physical: oooo
Mental: oooo(oo) + 1 Mild
Social: oooo

Rote Spells:

Type: Fire Evocation Offensive
Power: 8 Shifts
Duration: 1 Action
Opposed by: Target’s Athletics, Magical blocks, or other form of defense
Effect: Creates a flaming vortex which shoots up from the group to incinerate targets.

Flame Tornado
Type: Fire Evocation Offensive
Power: 8 Shifts (4 for effect, 2 for wide effect, 2 for power)
Target: Every person within a single zone
Opposed by: target’s athletics
Effect: the target(s) have the sticky aspect on fire and the aspect scared senseless placed on them.

Earth Armour
Type: Earth Evocation Defensive
Power: 8 Shifts (4 for power, 4 for duration)
Duration: 4 Exchanges
Effect: Creates armour made from earth and stone to protect the target.

Wind Vacuum
Type: Air Evocation Offensive
Power: 6 shifts (5 for duration, 1 for effect)
Duration: 5 exchanges
Effect: Target has the aspect no air placed on them.

Focus Items/Enchanted Items:
Tarrot Card of the Magician
+ 1 Fire Off. Power, + 1 Fire Eff. Control

Silver Spoon
+1 Earth Def. Power, + 1 Earth Def. Control

Dark Ring
A black ring with a brilliant red crystal in the center. It can be activated once per session to gain a +8 bonus to 1 thaumaturgy spell.

Specialization Bonuses:

+ 7 Fire Off. Power, + 7 Fire Off. Control
+ 6 Fire Def. Power, + 5 Fire Def. Control

+ 6 Earth Off. Power + 5 Earth Off. Control
+ 7 Earth Def. Power + 7 Earth Def. Control

+ 6 Air Off. Power, + 6 Air Off. Control
+ 6 Air Def. Power, + 5 Air Def. Control

Thaumaturgy Bonus:
+ 3 Necromancy


Syd Varnigan

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